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Smart toilets

Feel confident and fresh with the installation of a smart toilet

A smart toilet provides comfort, privacy, and will leave you feeling fresh and confident.

We offer a range of smart bidet toilets that incorporate automated technology to provide the perfect solution for those who struggle to use a conventional toilet. Our range is recommended by Occupational Therapists and offers smart features such as adjustable spray arms and drier settings, providing you with both comfort and independence.

Smart toilet benefits

Smart toilets provide a range of benefits for the user. Offering clever adaptable functions, now you can simply ‘pop to the loo’ quickly and easily. Our range is available in a variety of styles and complementary colours to enhance your bathroom interior. Benefits of intelligent toilets include:

  • Automatic lifting lid.
  • Heated seat for ultimate comfort.
  • Heater technology for efficient water heating.
  • Adjustable cleaning nozzle arm with UV light for nozzle sterilisation when retracted.
  • Variable drier with adjustable warm air settings.
  • Auto deodorisation during the arm air cycle.
  • Movement detection.
  • Touch-free operation.


The smart toilets we provide work in a very similar way to a bidet. They can be used by anybody and work the exact same way as a conventional toilet however they are equipped with additional extras to assist people with limited mobility and for people who struggle to use a standard toilet.

They are able to wash, dry and some models even come with a heated seat as an option. They can be controlled manually or by motion detectors. This along with height adjustment capabilities means that anybody who struggles with mobility issues can use the toilet safely.

Since smart toilets operate in the same manner as traditional toilets, the use of toilet paper is permissible. The washing and drying functions will ensure that you are absolutely safe.

The cost is determined by the services you need. We have a huge selection of smart toilets from leading manufacturers, so we can accommodate any budget.

Two versions available are; the Geberit AquaClean 8000plus and the Geberit Tuma Comfort. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in locating the best smart toilet for your needs. So, why not send us a call to set up an appointment?

Arrange a quote for smart toilet installation in Wellington

If you think a smart bidet toilet could make your life that little bit easier, then visit our mobility bathroom showroom in Wellington for inspiration and advice. If you can’t reach us, then we can come to you. Simply call us on 0800 731 6495 to arrange a free home survey and quotation. With an extensive range to choose from, our team can help you select the perfect option to meet your individual needs.

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