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What Is A Smart Toilet And Do I Need One?

 A “smart toilet” is a toilet that has been outfitted with a number of extra features and pieces of technology that are designed to simplify the life of the person who uses it. These features can range from luxurious to essential for people who are mobility disabled, depending on the brand of smart toilet you have installed in your home.

What Do Smart Toilets Do?

Smart toilets function similarly to an automatic bidet. Everyone may use them; however, they are particularly helpful for those with limited mobility who might find it challenging to use a regular toilet.

Together with a number of other accessibility features, they have the ability to wash and dry. Other features include:


    • Automatic lifting lid

    • Heated seat for ultimate comfort

    • Heater technology for efficient water heating

    • Adjustable cleaning nozzle arm with UV light for nozzle sterilisation when retracted

    • Variable drier with adjustable warm air settings

    • Auto deodorisation during the arm air cycle

    • Movement detection

    • Touch-free operation

Can They Be Tailored To You?

Yes. They can be outfitted with motion controls, buttons, or more conventional handles, depending on what works best for you. Its height and size may also be adjusted to meet your specific requirements.

Other amenities include cleaning, drying, and heated seats, allowing you to relieve yourself in luxury. Even the height and size of your smart toilet may be adjusted to meet your individual needs.

Do You Need A Smart Toilet?

A smart toilet can be a really useful device for anyone. It may, however, be especially valuable for persons with accessibility challenges. Then, it may be an intrinsic part of your quality of life.

A smart toilet provides accessibility, comfort, and the ability to maintain personal hygiene with ease and without help to individuals who are mobility challenged.

If you or someone you care for is having difficulty maintaining their hygiene due to mobility limitations, a smart toilet may be precisely what you need.

Contact Us For Bespoke Smart Toilets

Do you want to equip your bathroom with a smart toilet that meets your needs? Book a consultation by contacting one of our helpful specialists. Our smart toilets come in a number of designs. Each choice is available in a variety of colours to complement your bathroom’s decor. We install smart toilets with care, on time, and at a reasonable cost. Contact us today for additional assistance and information.

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