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The Advantages To Having a Walk-In Bath

Bathing can be difficult for people who experience mobility limitations. What was once a soothing activity might now become a source of tension. The slickness of ceramics. The bath’s elevation. The operational flexibility required.

A walk-in bath solves all of these problems and more:

Low-Level Entry Door

A walk-in bath is built with the tub as near to the floor as it can be. It could even be at ground level, depending on your installation. This, along with a door built into the side of the bath, makes entering your bath as simple as taking a single step forward, which is all you need to do.

Walk In Baths Have Anti-Slip Surfaces

A walk-in bath is designed to accommodate your movement. Its floor is specifically designed for traction with your feet, even when wet. Its anti-slip technology is incorporated into the bath’s porcelain, eliminating the risks of an anti-slip mat that may get dislodged from its surface.

We at ahm installs believe that your bathing experience should be relaxing. With our anti-slip surface walk-in bathtubs, you may enter your bath without danger of sliding and harming yourself.

Safe Seats

Lying down in a bath may be difficult for the mobility impaired. Placing a secure bench beside your walk-in bath prevents you from sliding or being trapped in a situation where you are unable to get up.

White bath with disabled seating assistance

Walk-In Baths Have A Fast-Fill Function

The walk-in bath saves time by requiring little effort. Its quiet pump swiftly fills your bath at the temperature you desire. This reduces wait times and ensures that you are never left out in the cold.

Remote-Empty Feature

Walk-in bathrooms have an ’empty’ function built in. Your bath will begin emptying itself at the touch of a button. This removes the bother and possible health risks of bending down to unplug a bath. Be certain that your bathing experience is risk-free.

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When it comes to building safe and cheap walk-in bathtubs, ahm installations prioritises your safety. Contact us immediately if you want a walk-in bath constructed correctly, on schedule, and at a reasonable price. Our helpful staff will gladly assist you through your initial steps towards a restroom that works for you.

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