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A Guide To Designing Your Bathroom Around A Shower Toilet

bidet toilet and walk in shower

An excellent way to save time, benefit the environment, and regain your independence is with a shower toilet. If you’re thinking about adding this practical feature to your bathroom, you might be interested in learning more about it, the benefits of doing so, and potential design implications. To help you make this decision and shed some light on the situation, we have put together a useful guide on the subject.

What Is A Smart Shower Toilet?

It’s important to define a shower toilet before we move forward. In some ways these kinds of features are similar to a traditional toilet, except it has a built-in washing feature for your convenience. Often, you’ll find these facilities referred to as a bidet. Additionally, choosing a smart toilet will give you access to additional benefits. To enhance your overall bathroom experience, this combines the traditional bidet with a variety of contemporary comforts like heated seats, air drying and ambient lighting.

Shower Toilet Benefits

A shower toilet can be installed with a number of advantages that not only make using it simple for the user but also help you leave less of a carbon footprint. Please refer to the section below for a more thorough explanation of these benefits.


After use, a shower toilet uses water to clean the user. By eliminating the need for toilet paper, this benefits the environment. Toilet paper decomposes naturally. However, the production process harms the environment at large. Although some companies use sustainable forestry methods, some don’t. By choosing this type of toilet, you are not only enhancing your quality of life but also helping the environment.

Cost, Time & Independence

Saving money and time is another significant advantage of installing a shower toilet. Although they may start out more expensive than a standard lavatory, the money and time saved makes the purchase worthwhile. Additionally, if you have mobility problems, the entire procedure can be done while you’re seated, giving you a much more independent bathroom experience.

The Impact Of A Shower Toilet On Interior Design

Shower toilets are made with independence and convenience in mind. They are small and enable you to do away with extras like roll holders. As a result, a contemporary installation can help you save space. If you choose a smart shower toilet, you might also need to think about the power circuitry and the corresponding health and safety requirements. Overall, adding cables to your bathroom may be necessary for a feature like this, but as you can see, the contrasting advantages are extensive in comparison.

side view of a bidet toilet

Get In Touch With AHM Installations For Shower Toilets

Find out how you can benefit from a bespoke shower toilet installation from industry experts. If you need more information, or want to discuss a potential project, then contact one of our professional team today.


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